Service Line Compliance

Under new guidance by the EPA, City of Dayton Water is joining local water systems across the country to identify and remove all lead water service lines to protect public health.

As part of our Service Line Compliance Program, we are taking a phased approach to create a comprehensive inventory of the public and private service lines across our water system.

  1. The first phase is conducting field investigations of the public service pipes at select properties to help us predict the types of pipes used throughout our service area.
  2. The second phase is for property owners to self-identify the materials used in private service lines by taking our Know Your Pipes online customer survey at It has easy-to-follow instructions for how to identify and report your service line material type.
  3. The third phase is to create a searchable pipe material database to provide an inventory of private service line pipe materials by location presented. The Service Line Inventory online interactive map will launch in 2024.

From this City of Dayton Water will move to the next stage of the EPA program to start the replacement of public lead service lines and begin school and childcare facilities testing and monitoring (2025).

What is a water service line and who owns it?

The water service line is the below ground pipe that connects a home to the public water main. The City of Dayton Water maintains the public section of the pipe that runs from the water main to the property line. The homeowner is responsible for the private section that runs from the property line into the home, as well as any internal plumbing, faucets, or fixtures.

We are asking Dayton residents to submit information on their water service line material. This information will help us create a Service Line Inventory to support our efforts to replace all lead service lines in our community.

This quick, 5-minute survey will provide step-by-step instructions on how to find your main water pipe. After you find the place where it comes into the house, report what color the pipe is on the survey. Then scratch the pipe with a coin or key and check to see if a magnet will stick to it.

Service Line Inventory Map – COMING SOON

Click on the Service Line Inventory Map below to see the information regarding the service line on your property.

Health Facts and FAQs

Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions regarding the program.